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Mrs. Sangeeta Kapur

IBDP Head and Coordinator

The name IRIS encapsulates themes of hope and trust, qualities that resonate deeply with the mission of IRIS e-magazine. As a student-led endeavor under the dedicated guidance of Editors-in-Chief, Vidhi Shanklesha and Sven Aranha, IRIS serves as a vital platform for the IBDP cohort to express their unique perspectives, insights, and creative talents. The 2023 edition of IRIS transcends its mere status as an e-magazine; it stands as a sanctuary for the cultivation of ideas and the amplification of voices. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire IRIS team for their remarkable efforts in producing an edition that seamlessly blends substantive content with artistic ingenuity.


Mrs. Swati Sharan

IBDP English Facilitator


IRIS, a creative endeavour of IBDP learners at Singhania IB World School, DP, celebrates its third year of publication since its conception. Every year it has celebrated its role in traversing the beauty of myriad thoughts and ideas. It weaves a rich tapestry of the past with this edition called, ‘Legacy’.  Our artists and writers have tried to scrounge the human history to find hidden jewels that describe the undying human resolution to achieve greater heights. Spanning from how vaccines saved the world to poems depicting human curiosity, IRIS has compiled a collection that best describes our legacy. I assure you that our readers would definitely enjoy excavating alongside articles!

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