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In this ultimate edition, we proudly present "Legacy" — a meticulously curated collection designed to broaden your understanding of the past. Crafted by diverse students with unique interests, these pieces serve as a testament to the wisdom passed down by our predecessors, inspiring us to surpass their achievements. As the final edition for the year, "Legacy" stands as a tribute to the milestones of humanity, urging reflection on the profound journey that has shaped our present. The choice of the theme "Legacy" for this edition stems from a profound desire to explore and appreciate the enduring impact of our shared history. By delving into the narratives and achievements of the past, we aim to not only celebrate the wisdom inherited from our predecessors but also to inspire a deeper understanding of the foundations that have shaped our present. Explore and immerse yourself in the untold stories that have paved the way for our collective legacy.

IRIS - Legacy.png
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